About Organization

Center For Strategic Litigation.

The Centre for Strategic Litigation (CSL) is a Tanzania based partnership that seeks to advance the vision of a just, tolerant, vibrant and inclusive democracy grounded on respect for Rule of Law and justice for all. We deploy an innovative approach to litigation and advocacy that seeks to promote access to justice and public debate and education on key democratic principles and values. We use the law to encourage citizen agency in advancing democracy through strategic litigation, public education, petitioning, research legal and judicial reviews as well as strategic use of media especially online media. CSL seeks to advance development of case law on democracy, rule of law and freedom of expression in Tanzania by litigating at national courts and regional courts and the generation of action research which to strengthen advocacy and strategic litigation. Founded in, 2018 the organization was formed in response to growing threats to rule of law, expressive freedoms and the sanctity of the constitution in Tanzania.

What We Do

Public Interest Litigation

We use the law to advance causes that are of broad public concern.


We work with national & international partners to generate new knowledge & research to further public interest litigation in Tanzania.


We offer time, attention, insights and advise to graduate lawyers through constant personal interaction.


We work through litigation but also as an alternative to litigation, CSL will contribute to advocacy through its superior legal and constitutional knowledge


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